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The End of ‘LOST’

Last Sunday, Annie and I were the last two people admitted into the Baghdad Theater in SE Portland, where the finale of LOST was playing on the big screen for free. We grabbed a pair of seats, a pitcher of beer, and bravely faced the end of a television era,  an event six years in the making.  So, how did it go?

In many ways, LOST was the quintessential TV show. It contained a little bit of everything. It had character driven drama. It had mystery, intrigue and more cliffhangers than Stallone could shake a stick at. It gave us everything we wanted in good television, except the answers. And the finale was no different.

But before we could even get to the finale, we had to sit through an exhaustive retrospective of the LOST universe in the form of a two hour recap. It was another in a long list of recaps that have preceded season openers and closers, as if everyone watching the last episode ever were just a bunch of newcomers looking to be a part of this whole LOST nonsense. For me, the recap kind of killed the finale in terms of emotional resonance. I know I didn’t really have to watch this recap, but if I wanted to see it on the big screen I did, and by the time the finale really got under way I was already dipping into my ‘sappy TV montage’ reserves, as the whole 2 hour recap served as a “sweetest memories” collection from the last six seasons.

Geez, how long is this gonna take?

As for the finale, it worked and it didn’t, in very much the same fashion that the series itself did/did not work. I was simultaneously satisfied and bitter about the end. I felt it was at once an inevitable conclusion and a far reaching desperate grab at sentimentality. And that’s the way the show has worked from day one.

On island: The conclusion to the Locke vs. Jack story was perfect. We finally get to the light in the island, and predictably, it’s powered by a random stone stopper in a well. Desmond can go down there because of his electromagnetic abilities (why?) and pulls out the cork. As Jacob explained earlier, that cork is supposedly what keeps evil at bay in the world. So, the light dies and a red crimson glow engulfs the waters. This act nullifies, basically, everyone’s supernatural ability on the island, making Locke mortal (as well as Richard) and also begins the act of destroying the island.

See, like the island is this wine bottle, man. Get it? That's the best I can do.

It's like, the island is this bottle, man. Get it?

Now, see how none of that is really explained or logical? Why is a cork causing light? Why does the uncorking mortalize otherwise immortal beings? No answers, but like the rest of the show, it’s still compelling – and it sets up the best fight sequence in LOST history. The final showdown between Jack and Locke was spectacular, simply put. All in all, I loved everything that happened on island. Six great characters lived to escape, Hurley became the island’s defender, and asked Ben to help. Kate and Jack expressed their love for each other. It all ended as it should have. The other reality? Well, that’s still under debate.

Off island: The reveal at the end that the sideways reality was a purgatory state for our now deceased characters was both overly predictable, and I think less impacting than it was meant to be. It tried to hit too many emotions, and tried to incorporate too many minor characters.

The sentimentality is something that’s just overplayed in this show. Too many montages, too many long goodbyes and tears welling up, too much sad piano music. It’s the same stuff we saw all season, all six seasons, especially in 2 hour recap extravaganzas. We are all waiting to say goodbye, just walk into the fucking light already!

At least they kept it multi-denominational

Alright, here’s the thing. The creators, Damen Lindelof and Carlton Cuse, knew there was no way to fully wrap this up. LOST, like other great TV shows (cough cough X-Files), just opened up too many doors and left them open, went sideways both in reality and tone too often, and overall dragged on too long as it was. It’s inconsistency in plot and development was it’s hindrance.

Yet the genius move in this last season was how the show told us all, directly told us, to let it go. Let it be the mystery. Let it end. And I think this season has been a cathartic end to the journey. I’m sad in some undefinable way that it’s over and I will miss it as a show, but I have truly just let it pass on, and I think that’s the ultimate victory in this finale. It says goodbye and tells us not to mourn. I certainly won’t.

But, if you guys do decide on some spin offs here’s a Quick Top 5 choices you could make.

1) Fantastic Island. The continuing adventures of Hurley and Ben Linus. They could just call each other number one and number two the whole time. That and Ben saying, “The plane, the plane” really ominously when another jet liner crashes.

2) Frank Lapidus-Pilot for Hire. An Indiana Jones style adventure series starring everyone’s favorite fly boy, Frank!

3) Richard Alpert is Lost in New York City! A 17th Century man transported to modern day city living. Keep an eye out for crazy Miles, Richard’s neighbor with a chatterbox ghost for a room mate.

4) My Two Mommies. Kate and Claire team up to raise baby Aaron while struggling with the every day pressures and still being kind of crazy from living on that fucking island so long.

5) Law and Sawyer. I would actually love it if Sawyer really became a cop. He’s a reformed con man gone straight. And since Law and Order is also ending, maybe this is just the show to fill that court room procedural hole in your heart.



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Happy Earth Day, Planeteers!

Everyone is celebrating, or completely ignoring the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day today in their own way.  But this year, with a volcano disrupting life overseas, and earthquakes creeping up our coastline, I propose actually taking a second to think about our daily impact and how we can change that. Why not? Mother Nature looks pissed.

For their part, the Boomerang channel is airing an all-day Captain Planet marathon. For my part, I’m watching it.  What have you done for the Earth lately?

I rarely saw this show as a kid, so watching these now, Captain Planet is basically the weakest hero of all time. He gets his power from jewelery, works for Gaia-a super hot Earth God, but NEVER gets with her, has the worst haircut (even worse than He-Man’s mop top) and basically dies the first time he fights in every episode, and it’s up to the kids to figure out how to save him or summon him in such a way as to allow him the easiest possible win of all time. Often the monkey that belongs to Ma-ti does this.

There are some good parts, like the occasional skin cancer straight talk, or the the rap at the end, or the appearance of Hitler in a fu manchu, but overall I didn’t miss much.

And maybe the point is that Captain Planet and Earth Day have the same problem. Environmentalism isn’t particularly sexy or cool. When it’s spokespeople are the likes of Ed Begley Jr. and Ma-ti, you have a serious image issue. That’s why Captain Planet needs to come back into the mainstream conscious again, and he needs a makeover.

But, I doubt anyone is really interested in bringing back the Planeteers, it’s just not marketable, which, ironically, is exactly what a villain tells them about environmentalism in general in one episode.

But looting and polluting is not the way, hear what Captain Planet has to say.

The power is yours!


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SNL murders comedy as audience watches on.

Why did do you do it SNL? Why? I was perfectly content in life never watching your terrible, trite skits with no name hacks and confused celebrity hosts. I was very happy to stay as far away as your groan inducing brand of “humor” as possible. But you couldn’t just leave me alone, you had to do it, you had to let Zach Galifianakis host last night. You knew I would watch, you knew and you did it anyway.

A perfect promo picture, as this show was the comedic equivalent of getting punched in the face.

To sum up quickly, last night’s episode of SNL was the worst hour of television I have ever seen. Note: I have not seen Leno’s recent return to late night so you know, maybe second worst.

In detail now: This show promises comedy, merriment, the general state of amusement. But what I saw only angered, only infuriated, only mocked the word comedy, and by the end of it, the laughter had been brutally murdered by SNL.

We open with an Obama skit. OK fine. Most eras of SNL parody their political leaders and this generation is no different. Problem is Obama isn’t funny, not like Palin, or W. Bush or Clinton’s sex scandals or Ross Perot. And the skit last night was pretty par for the course.

It was a full TWO MINUTES of talking before a joke was even uttered. You had Fred Armison as Obama stating flatly and basically the situation of health care reform. No jokes! Not one. Then when jokes do eventually appear, they’re carbon copies of Chris Farley’s Weekend Update character Bennet Brauer, who would use air quotes with his fingers. One skit in, and we have exactly one joke that was done exactly the same way fifteen years ago.

Now some people call these jokes "rip offs" or "lazy writing" or just "stupid attempt at humor"

It’s at this point I fear for my beloved Zach. You see, Zach (I’m using his first name as Galifianakis is too hard to type and read constantly) has quickly become a star with movies like the Hangover (hang “over rated” if you ask me) and internet shows like the insanely uncomfortable Between Two Ferns he does on I have been a fan of his for a little while now, seeing his awkward piano playing brand of stand up online and on DVD. It’s great.

And to be fair, his opening monologue was terrific. It was actually the funniest part of the whole show, mostly because it was recycled jokes from all that stand up he’s done over the years. In fact, the above video- from NINE years ago- has several jokes used in his monologue. He even did the “That’s so Raven” joke, which has even been done in Twitter form. So nothing new there. Let’s get to the skits!

The skit where everyone is just kissing each other was atrocious (Whoa! Two dudes tonguing? Hilarious!). The skit where they repeat the word bidet over and over again was funny for 30 seconds tops. The skit with a drunk Kathie Lee impression was too painful to watch. Too fucking painful. I mean, it’s as if the writers were really trying to be unfunny. These are professional entertainers, paid money to write and perform fart jokes and homophobic skits. It’s appalling. The very worst was the Whats up with that? Skit. You guys. Seriously. It hurt. That skit ruined comedy for me. It was sooo fucking bad, so abysmal, even to the point of overt racism, I couldn’t really go on.

You have Paul Rudd in this skit, first of all. Paul Rudd. People, just let Paul and Zach chit chat for five minutes, off the cuff, and you’ll get results. What transpired on that stage of pain was not comedy, I submit it was psychological torture and no less.The premise is a talk show on BET, and our host, played by token SNL black actor Kenan Thompson (see also: Tracy Morgan, Tim Meadows, Chris Rock, etc.) comes on in full soul singer mode, with a fake jerry curl and leisure suit. Nothing offensive here. He then proceeds to sing the skit’s unusually extended theme song. “What’s up with that? What’s up with that? What’s up with that?” Just fucking repeating the title of the show over and over and over.


In what universe is straight repetition of a phrase, which itself has zero humor value, a means of comedy? There’s no innuendo or double meaning, no misunderstanding of the sounds to make it appear otherwise. It’s just four boring words, repeated. And then two minutes later, he does it again. AGAIN! That’s the whole skit. That song was the entire reason for the whole thing. Fuuuuck! Everything in this entire episode was just a phrase or a joke repeated and explained. As if that’s comedy. As if that’s anything that anyone wants to see.

And poor poor Paul Rudd is just sitting there, next to a cardboard cut out of some NY columnist no one outside of Manhattan has ever heard of, just sitting there! Doing nothing! Why SNL? Zach wasn’t enough? You had to take another genuinely funny actor and ruin him in front of a live audience? Why do you hate comedy SNL? Whose responsible this?!?

And what was Zach’s contribution to this particular skit? He comes on and dances in a wig! Not funny! And what was Zach’s contribution to the very next skit, a boring as all hell CNN parody? He dances in a t shirt! Still not fucking funny.

Go to Hell SNL. I mean it. You guys are fucking fired. Get out of my office before I have security throw you out. You make me sick.

P.S. – This week’s musical guest Vampire Weekend still sucks too. But we already knew that much at least.

Let me leave you with some really funny Zach Galifianakis material. It may restore my faith. I hope it restores yours.


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‘Lost’ post of the week: too many familiar faces!

It’s very possible that my renewed Lost obsession could mean a post every week about the newest episodes and my thoughts. Hope that’s ok, apparently there’s only, like, 12 more of these things before it’s all over, so I guess it could be worse.

This week, I mull over Lost’s seemingly never ending parade of popular actors in supporting roles and how it’s starting to become a problem.

Now, between Matthew “Party of Five” Fox and Dominic “that one hobbit” Monaghan, it’s not like a bunch of nobody’s were running this cast, but over the years it has been the supporting characters who’ve popped up and been portrayed by various well known actors that’s stuck more in my head.

It was a practice that certainly happened enough in the earlier seasons, but lately it seems every little minor character is a “I know that guy/girl!” moment for me. And frankly it’s getting out of hand! I mean, we’re in the middle of a tense meeting, a new group of people is introduced, whether they’re the people on the boat, or the others in the temple. And I’m missing all the action because my brain’s too busy going, ” What’s that guy/girl from? I know them. What are they in?” Until I have a breakthrough or break down and check IMDB. Here’s a list of the most “Oh oh oh” inspiring casting choices on the show thus far.

Michelle Rodriguez as Ana Lucia Cortez

“oh oh oh” it’s that girl who always plays the tough chick/ bitch roles. Let’s see… Girl Fight, Resident Evil, S.W.A.T., Avatar anyone? I’m scared of her.

Clancy Brown as Kelvin Inman

“oh oh oh” it’s that guy from Shawshank Redemption. Yes, Clancy Brown, who also starred in the under appreciated Carnivale, and the completely unappreciated Pet Cemetery 2. Yikes. But he’s good.

Nathan Fillion as Kevin Callis

“oh oh oh”  it’s Captain Mal from Firefly, everyone’s favorite canceled-too-soon cult sci-fi western. He’s also been in the decent Slither, Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Whedon loves this guy) and two guys, a girl, and a pizza place? Really? Hmm. Yea, I guess so. Weird. When’s the last time you thought about that show?

Nestor Carbonell as Richard Alpert

“oh oh oh ” it’ the mayor from the Dark Knight. That’s cool, that’s cool. He was also Batmanuel in that live action The Tick tv show. But we’ll forgive him this time. Everyone’s done something they’re not too proud of.

Rob McElhenney as Aldo

Why the Fuck is Mac from It’s Always Sunny on Lost? Seriously? Why? It makes no sense! It’s fucking Mac, I can’t watch him on anything, especially this shit, without thinking of the dick towel! I don’t want to think about the dick towel on Lost! That’s what It’s Always Sunny is for. Just when I forgot he was on this show, they bring him back on this last week’s episode! Why? So he can get shot? Anyone could’ve done that!

Jon Gries as Roger Linus

“oh oh oh” it’s Uncle Rico from Napoleon Dynamite. Maybe the funniest/saddest part of that movie, Gries here plays another pathetic loser in Ben Linus’ father. Typecasting? Gries would probably say no, but I don’t know…

Doug Hutchison as Horace Goodspeed

“oh oh oh” it’s my favorite monster  from the entire X-Files series! This guy played the liver eating, body squeezing, hibernating every thirty years beast, in the flat out creepiest two episodes of the show. I fucking love Eugene Victor Tooms, so happy to see this guy get work.

Jeremy Davies as Daniel Faraday and Ken Leung as Mile Straume

“oh oh oh” yea, these two are familiar. Davies was the little stuttering guy in Twister and Saving Private Ryan, and Leung was in a couple of Brett Ratner movies, Rush Hour and X-Men 3. Hmm. Can’t say those resumes are too impressive. At least they’re good in this! I really like(ed) both of these characters. I want to know more about Miles, he’s got the most interesting personal story going on just with that whole talking to the dead power. C’mon Lost! More Miles!

Jeff Fahey as Frank Lapidus

“oh oh oh” it’s the Lawnmower Man you guys! Remember that movie with the terrible computer graphics about a simpleton who gets turned into some kind of super computer villain? It sucked!

Hiroyuki Sanada as Dogen and John Hawkes as Lennon

“oh oh oh” I know these two. Give me a sec. Umm. Yea. Sanada I know from the excellent and criminally under recognized Sunshine. He’s the Captain in it and he’s great. Hawkes is recognizable to any fan of Deadwood as Sol Star. I like him, always have. He’s really terrific in Me and You and Everyone We Know. But, really Lost. Naming him “Lennon” with that hair, glasses, and overall far east hippie vibe? Where’s Yoko? Hell, where’s Ringo? The metaphors are running thin is all I’m saying.

Mark Pellegrino as Jacob

“oh oh oh” man these are starting to get tough. Um, ok. This guy dunks the Dude in the toilet while the other guy pisses on the rug in the Big Lebowski. That rug really tied the room together, man.

You see how my brain works? I forgot half the plot of Lost in my time watching it, but I know that the guy who plays Phil the Dharma security guard was in  David Lynch’s Mullholland Drive and the guy who plays George Minowski  from the boat played that really racist character in the Short Circuit movies.

Why does my head fill up with the useless stuff while all the important stuff just floats away? Why am I cursed with this trivial mind? When will Lost make any goddamn sense? Why did they waste one of their final few episodes on Kate’s story and Jack asking, “What’s in the pill? What’s in the pill? I don’t even trust myself!” Get on with it!

That is all.


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Minimal Movie Art

Lately, all Hollywood seems interested in is re-imagining stuff. Taking long established franchises and beloved property, these geniuses are out to remake the world in their own image, in their own eyes. Now, while this is exactly the reason that I hate movies sometimes, it’s also the reason I love movie posters.

Specifically, with a re-imagining of popular movie posters as minimalist design concepts, the recent wave of new minimal looking art is my new favorite Google search obsession. Here is a smattering of my favorite minimalist movie and TV show posters. Heavy on the design, light on the clutter, these zen like images are both simple and superb. Let’s start.

Well, my fascination for this began some years ago with Oakland artist Jason Munn, the man behind the Small Stakes. He began some years ago drafting up hand made silk screened posters for concerts and bands. They’re simple, but memorable pieces.

The prints all encompass the three main reasons I love this style.

1. A pattern that is pleasing and simple

2. A measured precision and emotional resonance

3. A clever idea, design, or illustration

But, the reason I’m writing this is because of the influx of minimalist designs of movie posters, TV shows and the like. Here are my favorites.

These are from artist Ibraheem Youssef, who has given all of Tarantino’s films the minimalist treatment.

Artist Jamie Bolton takes the Back to the Future Trilogy and depicts it in graphic purity. Amazing.

Artist Olly Moss does a bunch of different design work, here’s a sampling from his “Eight Movies in Black and Red” series.

Now, for  some TV representations, we turn to master minimalist Albert Exergian. He may be the most pure of the minimal designer, with works that often incorporate only 2 to 4 colors and little to no lines. Here are some of my favorite shows depicted by Exergian.

Well, I think that’s enough pictures for now. I just love how in-elaborate and yet creative these all are. Are there others I missed? Let me know.

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All caught up and still ‘Lost’

A few years back, I was an addicted Lost fan like the rest of the country. I followed the survivors of Oceanic 815 with fevered dedication and wild speculation. Then, after a dismal and infuriating third season, I left the camp for good. Or so I thought.

Now like the island itself, Lost has lured me back and overtaken my better judgment to become a renewed obsession. All it took was for the show to take my advice and finally end, or at least promise to end. Once I saw a finish line, I knew that I had to see it through. Having already covered half of this episodic insanity, I couldn’t not stay away.

So for the past week, it’s been nothing but Lost season 4 and 5, and now the premiere of the 6th and final run. I admit, I’m surprised the show would actually end, God knows it could keep going at least another three years or so, like the X-files before it. Kudos to Lost for not drawing it out any further.

But, at this point there are still more unanswered questions and new characters than we can possibly keep track of or even comprehend. And things just keep getting more mysterious. Seasons 4 and 5 largely covered the story of Ben and Charles Widmore, the two powerful mean at odds with each other. It also traced a history of the Dharma Initiative and John Locke’s road to bringing back the Oceanic Six. All well and good, but we’ve yet to be told the whole story- about this and many other  plot lines and characters. It’s so confusing, with the jumps in time, the flash forwards, back and forth. Someone needs to put this mess in order, chronologically if nothing else.

So this next rant is a quick roundup of my understanding with more hypothesis and conjecture than any kind of real info. I’m just going on what I’ve gotten so far. I’m probably way off, but let me take a stab at it.

A brief history of the island:

So this island is obviously a place outside of normal boundaries of space and time. The fact that it can move through both indicates that it exists outside of each, independent of them.

There was an ancient civilization, something akin to the Aztecs or Eygptians that lived and built monuments on the island. These monuments include the temple and the giant statue. I presume this civilization knew of the spring that supposedly heals and allows for longevity, since the temple is built around it.

On the island lived Jacob and another man. They were there before the Spanish ship that wrecked hundreds of years ago. These two men seem to be higher powers, fallen angels or semi-gods of some sort with a certain level of omnipotence and zen like serenity. They live together on the island, though the other man wants Jacob dead. But he must find a loophole. This leads me to think that they are bound by rules. Bound by the island itself or a power even higher than they themselves at least.

The others we have been following so long are most likely originally from that Spanish ship, at least the ones guarding the temple. They probably took it from the original inhabitants or found it abandoned. They know of Jacob, so it’s safe to say he contacted them, and they have been following his lead ever since.  Whether or not the others that Ben lead were in cooperation with the temple group or not is unclear.The others have also been regularly taking in new members, like Ben himself. They live on the island and combat any other outsiders who stumble upon it, either fighting or kidnapping and indoctrinating them into their own society.

Now, fifty years back, someone else found the island, and began the Dharma Initiative. Whoever they are, they knew of the island’s power, but viewed it in a scientific (or modern if you will) viewpoint, rather than the mystical (or ancient) view the others take. The conflict between the Dharma people and the others results in both the incident, now replaced by Juliet detonating the bomb, and the slaughter of the entire Dharma team. The others take up residence in the  Dharma houses, but their act has put them at odds with the island. No babies are born, and it’s the island’s doing.

See how long I’ve gone on… and I haven’t even mentioned the crash (or not) of Oceanic 815, the event that started it all. I haven’t mentioned that some escape the island, only to be called back. That all these people experience displacement in time. That some of them join the Dharma team in the past and live among them.

What about how Jacob is killed by Ben under orders from the other man, having taken on a dead John Locke’s form, thus finding his loophole. That the other man is in fact the smoke monster, and that he wants to “go home.” That there’s freakin’ polar bears and hatches, a second airplane crash and an underwater alternative. I haven’t even gotten into any of that and already I’m spent.

Lost is, if nothing else and without a doubt, the most exhausting show on television. It takes you down and drags you out like no other. Having been involved in a five day marathon bender of the last 30 plus episodes, I can tell you that the show still holds tremendous power over me, and even though it’s all stopped making too much sense, I still want to know what they’re going to pull next week. I still want to know. Then I want to go back to real life and never speak of it again. Seriously. Never.


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Conan O’Brien made the right choice

Last week was the end of The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien. I don’t think I need to go over the details of the departure, as everyone seems to be reporting the story continuously. I just want to offer my thoughts and explain why I believe Conan O’Brien matters.

Right from the start Conan is disarming. With his goofy hair and broad smile, the writer and host has made a career of off-the-wall humor and genuine esteem. His contributions to SNL and the Simpsons honed his wit, but it was the Late Night show where he made his greatest efforts.

I loved every episode of Late Night that I saw. It was an after school tradition for me once Comedy Central started airing the previous night’s episodes in the afternoon. Conan and his partner (I don’t think of him as a sidekick) Andy Richter were two of the funniest, and more importantly, likable people on TV. You felt that these were real people, doing something they loved and wanting nothing more than to share that with you. It was a quality that bonded me, and probably all his other fans, to Conan in a way that a hack like Jay Leno never would.

Conan and Andy, this time the guests on "Between Two Ferns"

Upon taking over the Tonight Show last year, seven months ago, Conan had some difficulties. I think it was the shock of living in L.A. and attempting to grab all those midlife Leno drones who would otherwise just turn off the tube rather than watch that cranky old Letterman. So, yea a little spark was gone, a little fire that just couldn’t quite grab the embers. I wanted to love the Tonight Show as much as Late Night, but we didn’t quite click.

So then comes the terrible news about dropped ratings and nervous executives threatening time changes and cancellations. And this was about Leno’s show! Let’s remember, the trouble started when Jay was consistently in last place at 10 pm. Sure Conan was getting beat too, but not like this. No. The new Leno show was a complete and utter disaster. A failure, a bomb. It had to go. But where? You can’t just cancel Leno like that. You owe to the man. So, let’s just bump Conan (a twenty year employee at NBC by now) back to basically the same time slot he just left, so Jay could not continue to look like such a pathetic loser. The executives were so busy trying to hold Leno’s hand, they were fine with asking Conan to basically compromise on his own life long dream by moving the Tonight Show into early morning.

And then Conan did something I don’t think anyone expected.

He told NBC no.

It’s a move that surely caused the split, the leaving and ending of the Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien. But it was a decision that Conan had to make. And that is why we love him.

You see, America loves values. It loves sticking to your guns, standing up for yourself and what you believe is right. Unfortunately, the last decade has seen the very worst of these qualities. But Conan showed us something else. In his letter of dissemination he fought for himself, his staff (who follow this man with a samurai like dedication), and the tradition of the Tonight Show. It’s not often we get to see this.

Conan and friends going out in style. U.S.A.! U.S.A.!

And though the last week of his show displayed a lot of hostility for the network, from Tarantino’s revenge movie idea to Adam Sandler’s “you can’t say that on NBC” acronym to Robin Williams just all out giving it the finger, Conan ended things in his trademark style, with humility and humanity. His closing speech and especially his advice against cynicism of all things was some of the best TV you’re going to see all year. Through this personal ordeal, I just want to say that Conan has also acknowledged the relative triviality of his situation in the context of real crisis, such as in Haiti. The man is simply a class act all the way.

So why does Conan matter? He very much embodied a hero in the last month. In a time when the little guy is getting kicked around a lot, Conan stood strong. He sacrificed a lot to keep, for him, a relatively sacred tradition alive and well. And he lost his job. Just about everyone can relate to that. In doing so, he became one of us, a real person, just like his old self again. And through all of this, he was able to do what so many of us want to be able to do, he had fun.

You know what? Conan’s going to be ok. He went from simply Tonight Show host to the most sympathetic and equally popular man in America. I would seriously advise Leno NOT to go back to the Tonight Show, he’s going to be facing an uphill battle for every fucking chuckle. I will be one of many who plan on officially boycotting the show in Conan’s honor. I can’t wait to see Conan back somewhere on TV or even somewhere else. I go where Coco goes.


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