All caught up and still ‘Lost’

A few years back, I was an addicted Lost fan like the rest of the country. I followed the survivors of Oceanic 815 with fevered dedication and wild speculation. Then, after a dismal and infuriating third season, I left the camp for good. Or so I thought.

Now like the island itself, Lost has lured me back and overtaken my better judgment to become a renewed obsession. All it took was for the show to take my advice and finally end, or at least promise to end. Once I saw a finish line, I knew that I had to see it through. Having already covered half of this episodic insanity, I couldn’t not stay away.

So for the past week, it’s been nothing but Lost season 4 and 5, and now the premiere of the 6th and final run. I admit, I’m surprised the show would actually end, God knows it could keep going at least another three years or so, like the X-files before it. Kudos to Lost for not drawing it out any further.

But, at this point there are still more unanswered questions and new characters than we can possibly keep track of or even comprehend. And things just keep getting more mysterious. Seasons 4 and 5 largely covered the story of Ben and Charles Widmore, the two powerful mean at odds with each other. It also traced a history of the Dharma Initiative and John Locke’s road to bringing back the Oceanic Six. All well and good, but we’ve yet to be told the whole story- about this and many other  plot lines and characters. It’s so confusing, with the jumps in time, the flash forwards, back and forth. Someone needs to put this mess in order, chronologically if nothing else.

So this next rant is a quick roundup of my understanding with more hypothesis and conjecture than any kind of real info. I’m just going on what I’ve gotten so far. I’m probably way off, but let me take a stab at it.

A brief history of the island:

So this island is obviously a place outside of normal boundaries of space and time. The fact that it can move through both indicates that it exists outside of each, independent of them.

There was an ancient civilization, something akin to the Aztecs or Eygptians that lived and built monuments on the island. These monuments include the temple and the giant statue. I presume this civilization knew of the spring that supposedly heals and allows for longevity, since the temple is built around it.

On the island lived Jacob and another man. They were there before the Spanish ship that wrecked hundreds of years ago. These two men seem to be higher powers, fallen angels or semi-gods of some sort with a certain level of omnipotence and zen like serenity. They live together on the island, though the other man wants Jacob dead. But he must find a loophole. This leads me to think that they are bound by rules. Bound by the island itself or a power even higher than they themselves at least.

The others we have been following so long are most likely originally from that Spanish ship, at least the ones guarding the temple. They probably took it from the original inhabitants or found it abandoned. They know of Jacob, so it’s safe to say he contacted them, and they have been following his lead ever since.  Whether or not the others that Ben lead were in cooperation with the temple group or not is unclear.The others have also been regularly taking in new members, like Ben himself. They live on the island and combat any other outsiders who stumble upon it, either fighting or kidnapping and indoctrinating them into their own society.

Now, fifty years back, someone else found the island, and began the Dharma Initiative. Whoever they are, they knew of the island’s power, but viewed it in a scientific (or modern if you will) viewpoint, rather than the mystical (or ancient) view the others take. The conflict between the Dharma people and the others results in both the incident, now replaced by Juliet detonating the bomb, and the slaughter of the entire Dharma team. The others take up residence in the  Dharma houses, but their act has put them at odds with the island. No babies are born, and it’s the island’s doing.

See how long I’ve gone on… and I haven’t even mentioned the crash (or not) of Oceanic 815, the event that started it all. I haven’t mentioned that some escape the island, only to be called back. That all these people experience displacement in time. That some of them join the Dharma team in the past and live among them.

What about how Jacob is killed by Ben under orders from the other man, having taken on a dead John Locke’s form, thus finding his loophole. That the other man is in fact the smoke monster, and that he wants to “go home.” That there’s freakin’ polar bears and hatches, a second airplane crash and an underwater alternative. I haven’t even gotten into any of that and already I’m spent.

Lost is, if nothing else and without a doubt, the most exhausting show on television. It takes you down and drags you out like no other. Having been involved in a five day marathon bender of the last 30 plus episodes, I can tell you that the show still holds tremendous power over me, and even though it’s all stopped making too much sense, I still want to know what they’re going to pull next week. I still want to know. Then I want to go back to real life and never speak of it again. Seriously. Never.



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