The Futurialist

It now being 2010 and all, I was tempted to do a “decade in review ” type of article.  Well, looking back, I don’t really want to live in the past right now. The last decade wasn’t really my favorite on a lot of fronts. A mix of good and bad times about sums it up for me, and trying to compare films and music 8 to 10 years apart from each other seems pretty pointless.

So instead of all that nostalgic remembering, I’m looking ahead to the next ten years. Oh man, the teens are shaping up to be fan-fucking-tastic. From the flying cars to the ultimate domination of Taco Bell (the only survivor from the impending fast food wars), this is going to be my kind of decade.

And what am looking forward to most you ask? Why, the fashion of course. And what better way to know the upcoming fashion trends of the next decade you ask? Why, watching sci-fi movies from the 80’s of course.

On the Street… Hill Valley 2015.

Marty McFly is unable to properly fit his self-fitting jacket.

Note the inside-out pockets and multi-colored baseball cap.

These shoes are still referred to as “kicks” surprisingly enough.

On the Streets… Detroit 2015.

Part man. Part machine. All style.

Note the ED-209 in the background. An essential accessory for any mega-corporation honcho.

Note the scarf and vest and coat layering of the group. Sadly, Male Pattern Baldness is still a problem in the future.

On your televisions… 2019.

Arnold shows off the latest in athletic wear. Spandex, spandex, spandex.

Hey, Christmas tree!

Also, in the future, people will still look ridiculous working out at the gym.

On the Streets… Los Angeles 2019.

Rachel passes the test.

Note the high collar on Rick Deckard’s jacket, a must for any Runner.

Pris shows off her playful side at Sebastian’s swank uptown apartment.

Unfortunately for Replicants, invisible raincoats don’t make you invisible too.

On the Streets… Neo-Tokyo 2019.

Kaneda with his racing gear (from the original source material).

These kids are fearless. Pink polo shirts, Bermuda shorts with an aviator jacket, high water trousers. A veritable melting pot of periods and style. Kudos.

Tetsuo is bringing back the cape. Would you like to tell him no?

(If you didn’t quite get what I’m satirizing, check this out. Then this.)



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