Fun Run Salutes Michael Edwards

It has been a year this month since Fun Run Films & Records began. I have greatly enjoyed every post I have written, and looking back on this year, some where big hits. By far the most viewed entry was dedicated to the Terminator Franchise’s number one hero, John Connor. Indeed, every day I got and still get hits based on one Google search over any other, and now I proudly salute that search term and its owner, Michael Edwards.

As John “the man” Connor in  T2:JDay, Edwards cemented his place in one of the greatest  roles of the last 25 years. Without delivering a single line of dialogue, Edwards stuck in people’s minds like few character actors can. Perhaps it was the steely gaze, the shock of hair, the huge painful looking scar, we all have at least a little fascination with this mysterious and great warrior hero.

Ever since Christian Bale tried to take on the character of adult JC, people’s interest has been renewed in this small glimpse of the future as James Cameron, the creator of the Terminator, saw it; a much darker and more desperate land where big speeches are useless. Where every man, woman, and child is a fighter in the grim war with machines. Only in this, the most devastating of possibilities, would Michael Edwards be able to undertake the saving of all mankind. It says a lot when your character is more demanding than even the Batman could accomplish.

Jeez! Sorry, man. Take it easy!

Yikes. Well, anyways… um… right. Michael Edwards. That dude’s awesome!

And he's even great with children!

Some fun run facts about Michael Edwards: He was a male model. He’s also acted in shows like Beverley Hills, 90210 and Silk Stalkings. He was once the boy toy of Priscilla Presley. He …

Wait, what? Priscilla Presley, as in Elvis Presley’s wife?! He lived with her for six years. He even wrote a book about it called Priscilla, Elvis, and Me. Damn. Michael Edwards is up there with the King!

So, thanks Mr. Edwards. Without you, this blog, and indeed this world, would be a sadder place. Cheers, Mike. And get back into acting. We haven’t seen a thing out of you for over a decade now. All the best.

your friend,

Fun Run Charlie



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5 responses to “Fun Run Salutes Michael Edwards

  1. Orlando Augusto stock

    I de like to know where is Michael Edwards in these days.

  2. Orlando Augusto stock

    Just one thing.Michael Edwards was the best future John Connor than Nick Stahl or Christian Bale.His look,that angry and serious expression,and a sexy scar make Edwards a unforgetabble acting for a few seconds.

  3. Tamara

    Michael Edwards was the John Conner we all envisioned him to be. Absolutely, the whole package. Christian Bale….wannabe.

  4. janey

    oh my goodness you people! did you not read his book??? he was an absolute creep, pedophile, user, womanizer, cheater, domestic abuser, money stealer, cad!!! he was sooooo horrid- really, inform yourselves before you make spread good words about undeserving people……

    • Charlie

      yea, sorry, I heard of this after the fact, the whole thing is severe tongue in cheek anyways, obviously the guy is a loser who never made any good contributions to the world.

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