Top Ten Reasons Why the Cure Does Not Suck!

Nine hours in to the new decade and I just got dissed. What’s worse is I had zero comeback. Nothing. I was stunned, not only because someone was calling me out on New Year’s morning, but dude. Nobody, but NOBODY says the Cure suck. And here’s why:

10. Boys Don’t Cry

Yes, I see the irony in acting like a whiny little baby, and then start off with “Boys Don’t Cry,” but that’s just how it’s going to be. One of the catchiest pop riffs ever, the song is simple, yet wholly memorable, tapping into truth and insight in two and a half minutes. And Robert Smith was barely 20 when he wrote that. It only gets better from here.

9. the hair

Oooohhh, the hair. Good God, it’s just so… so… big. I guess once you go Aquanet, you can’t go back. I don’t know, for me the hair is awesome. All of that effort, so many hours and curlers and shit, just to look like that. You know what that is people? It fucking dedication to the cause! You know what? Same goes for the eyeliner! You go, goth!

8. the year that was 1982

Besides sporting one of the best title/cover combos in music history, this album defined the Cure as a post punk innovator and pioneer in 1982. Nobody sounded like this when the album hit our shores (maybe Joy Division), full of tribal drums and brutal wails, its almost like an early 80’s precursor to today’s black metal.

And now for something completely different.

No this video itself is not from 1982, but the song is. Two reasons to post this video. Not only is “Let’s Go to Bed” a critical point in the bands time line and growth, but DAMN! look at Robert Smiths short short haircut! Holy Geez.

So after Pornography, there was a bit of a detox that needed to happen. The band was in bleak states, almost breaking up in the process. Smith, on his own, set out to “write the antithesis for what the Cure stood for ” at the time. What emerged was a highly energetic, danceable, and goddamn fun as all hell song. It became so popular that Smith would feel comfortable in the future to write such greats as “Why Can’t I be You?” “Friday, I’m in Love” and “In Between Days,” all amazing songs.

7. Robert Smith’s awesome F-Bombs

It doesn’t happen often, in fact it’s quite rare. But once in a great while Robert Smith will just drop the most amazing F-Bomb in his lyrics. Most notably on “The Kiss,” the opener to Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me.

Oh, it’s a dark intro, building and building. You can tell things are bad as Smith starts in with “Kiss me kiss me kiss me/Your tongue is like poison/So swollen it fills up my mouth”

But when he really gets into it, you just want to stand back, give the man some room, and he needs it as he explodes with “Get it out get it out get it out/Get your fucking voice out of my head.” It’s probably the single most satisfying F-Bomb in music. So good.

6. Cult Hero

A quick little side band to show you. Cult Hero was formed briefly in 1979, right before the Cure became known for Three Imaginary Boys. The Cure was basically joined by Smith’s sisters and a local postman, and released two incredible songs, “I’m a Cult Hero” and “I Dig You”. Just listen to ’em. You’ll love it.

Tracks 11 and 12.

While you’re at it, just listen to the whole Seventeen Seconds album. I am.

5. Simon Gallup

When you think of the great duos in history, Batman and Robin, peanut butter and jelly, Donald Trump and his toupee; few things go together as well as Robert Smith and Simon Gallup. The Cure’s bassist for most all of their thirty years, Gallup was even Robert Smiths best man. That, and he’s one of the most imitated, influential musicians out there. Make no mistake, more than one of your favorite bassists had Simon Gallup in the back of their mind when they bought their first four string.

4. Close to Me

Speaking of Simon, how ya like that bass line from “Close to Me?” My personal favorite video of theirs. It speaks for itself.

3. 4:13 Dream

That’s right assholes. I love the latest Cure album. The most common complaints about the group usually focus on their recent output. For some reason, starting with Wild Mood Swings and Bloodflowers in the 90’s, the Cure sound was no longer cool. WTF?

I love that Smith and these guys (by the way the current lineup is maybe the best for outright musicianship) are still at it. If the Rolling Stones or motherfucking KISS with their stupid as fuck FACE PAINT AND HIGH HEEL BOOTS are still cool in their old age-and they’re not, really- then the Cure, who have never tried to retire only to come out of it and play for more expensive ticket sales, are still cool.

The band still sounds just like the Cure on this highly underrated album, from the pretty, sappy pop of “The Only One,” the heavy use of chimes and the rock solid riffs on every track. It’s at least worth checking out, sure this isn’t a masterpiece, more just a minor work from a master, but whatever, whatever. It’s good.

2. that South Park episode

You know that episode where Mecha Streisand is terrorizing South park? And the only man who can save us is Robert Smith. Apparently, Trey parker and Matt Stone would agree with me that…

1. “Disintegration is the best album ever!”

It is you know. Combining the early gothic stuff with a melodic undertow and sublime songwriting, there is nothing, not one second of this album that I don’t cherish. Please, please listen to this album once in your life, preferably in a dark room with the sound turned all the fucking way up. Superb. This is why I like music.

So there you go mean girl who thinks the Cure suck. Take that. You have successfully revived my complete and utter devotion to a group that I had sort of stopped thinking about for awhile. Thank you for reminding me why I proudly wear my hoodie, and by the way, you suck!




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11 responses to “Top Ten Reasons Why the Cure Does Not Suck!

  1. tonegazer

    I think you could do Robert Smith a great service by finally fixing that hoodie with his face on it. Complete disrespect man. Just kidding, I love how much you love the cure.

  2. Paul

    There not half the band Depeche Mode are but your right, they definately dont suck! 🙂

  3. Adam

    This is a great list and I definitely agree with you about how some people think The Cure suck now. I love their new stuff just like I like their old stuff. They’re just a great band all around and I’m glad someone else thinks so too.

  4. Ayla

    Ah The Cure, raised on it, seperated from it, rediscovered it – all before 2008, and turning 15…
    The Cure Is My Cure To Bad Music!

  5. A***

    I know some ignorants today hate The Cure- my sister, for instance. I don’t really get why, seriously. I mean, Robert doesn’t have the most beautiful voice that history has seen, I know, but very few artists have it. I also know that the music they do sometimes is not nice, I mean, at first I had to get used to it bit by bit to finally end up loving them. I think The Cure just looks/sounds so different from today’s music that people just think they’re freaks. But they do admire lady gaga. This generation just sucks. I am myself ashamed for not having loved The Cure since the beginning but it just sounded a bit weird to me (but good enough to keep investigagting). I wish I had live the 80s decade when I was young and not this 2000 shit. REALLY.

  6. Ben

    I add my 2 pennies to the list:

    – 11. Many of their b-sides are as good as their greatest hits. Try listening to Play, Morning, It used to be me, and the album “Join the dots”.

    – 12. They have made sublime, hypnotic, ecstatic songs such as “One more time”, “Fight” and “Sinking”.

    – 13. Their live exhibitions are wonderful. Some of them are better than studio versions. Their concerts usually lasted at least 3 hours.

    – 14. They are one of the most prolific rock bands. My collection of my favorite Queen songs counts about 70 songs, while the Cure counts 114+.

    – 15. Their musical career is a great Wilde Mood Swing, always so distinctive and always so different. Worlds of sounds and moods, from hard to soft and delicate, multi-instrumentals, with violin, Western concert flute, sax, violoncello, for me they are champions of true Progressive Rock (the definition of gothic rock is nonsense).

    – 16. “The Kiss” is an extraordinary anticipation of industrial rock, sounds better than Nine Inch Nails.

  7. Seminal. The Cure’s music comes from an era when musicians still wrote songs rather than corporations. This is where real music should be: it is not just the lyrics, not just the melody, it is how it completely takes your soul to somewhere real that you can’t get in music since the 90s. The only question is will music get back to these levels in our lifetime? If not, thank God for these English bands from the early 80s…

  8. Nhadz

    Maybe you should’ve included Robert Smith’s underrated guitar playing…I always think of their first four albums because those were the albums that showcased his guitar skills while singing! that’s a hard one! (I remember in an intervew, Peter Hook said “I can’t sing and play bass at the same time!”) Well, Robert could do that! 🙂

  9. That's Accuracy

    Ah yes. The Cure do not suck. I’ve loved them for something like 25 years! I also love that you included Cult Hero on this list. 🙂

  10. superb cure

    the Cure are just a step above everything else. There is some kind of magic in their music. the Cure puts on stage what the best arts puts into frames. the Cure are the best thing.

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