Roman Polanski Arrested

The film director was flying in to receive a lifetime achievement award from the Swiss. Psyche! Now he’s behind bars and facing extradition to the U.S. Polanski has been living in France since fleeing the U.S. in 1978.

For the details, I’ll let the Associated Press fill us in (it is their job, you know).

This is a warrant that stems back 30 plus years. Yet the U.S. has been seeking his arrest since 2005? Me no understand!

Well, if you’re like me, you’ll want to  go and see this documentary. I did.

Besides the fact that it’s the only documentary on the subject, it’s a terrific biography overall and gives you a great perspective on the situation. What Polanski did was deplorable, absolutely despicable. But, it’s kinda sorta been settled. The victim is joining in the bid to release him even. It’s over. Can’t we just call it even?

Update: Alright, I can’t just let this go any longer. Roman Polanski IS a fucking criminal. I don’t like the idea of anyone hurting another, and that’s what he did. I also don’t like the idea of a celebrity using that status to escape or otherwise evade justice. And that’s going on too. Bring him in, I say. But this time, let’s have a fair trial. I’m also against (and this is probably what I should have said earlier) these media trials, like O.J. or Phil Spector, these men should receive a fair and balanced trials, like everyone. Bring in Polanski. No one hurts a young girl in my country and gets away with it.

Quick Top Five Polanksi films.

5. The Pianist– Polanksi won an Academy Award for best director, over notables like the then winless Martin Scorsese, despite not being able to be there due to this whole flee from justice bit. The Academy shows a bit of a backbone for once.

4. Knife in the Water– An early Polanki film, full of dread and mystery. It’s captivating, it’s creepy. I love it. A stark black and white filmed brilliantly by a young auteur.

3. The 9th Gate-No. Wait. This movie sucks.

2. Rosemary’s Baby– So freakin’ scary, even though nothing really happens for an hour and a half. Then, bam! devil child. Polanksi gets actors to create characters so real and fully imagined. I believe it’s one of his greatest gifts. Everyone in a Polanksi film gives the performance of their lifetimes. Except Johnny Depp. Damn 9th Gate was awful.

1. Chinatown-Of course it’s Chinatown. How could it not be? Made in 1974, it might be the film of the decade. And the 1970’s is the greatest decade of American films. So this could be the Greatest American Film OF ALL TIME.  Feel free to argue me on this, but I’ll come after you. Hard.

“Forget it Jake, it’s Chinatown.”



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9 responses to “Roman Polanski Arrested

  1. draconianmeasures

    “What Polanski did was deplorable, absolutely despicable. But…”

    But? He drugged and raped a 13 year old girl and it’s kinda settled? He ran and now, because France hid him from justice for 30 years, he should be rewarded for that? Good message to other victims and other pedophiles.

  2. Annie

    Being rewarded for his artistic ability really has nothing to do with mistakes he has made in his personal life.

    Oh Mr. Swanson, just think of all of the pedophiles you are encouraging by viewing and praising these films! You dirty, dirty man you.


  3. Nate

    I was going to add my two cents to the chorus of *he did a crime he must pay no matter how awesome a director* but you have already come to your senses. I can’t believe how many celebrities and diplomats are rallying for him to be release! Do they not realize they are saying raping people is okay specially if you are famous? Disgusting.

    • Charlie

      Disgusting. Agreed. The whole thing is disgusting, from a to z. Originally, I was of the mind that Polanski had gotten a raw deal in the courts and media. That his trial wasn’t as fair as it should have been. But really, his failure, in the form of a criminal act, is far more dangerous and harmful than the justice system that railroaded him. Not like he couldn’t have appealed and went about things in a proper way, instead he takes off. It’s just all so amazingly wrong, and a reason why I hate talking about news stuff usually. Reviewing his movies is one thing, trying to find truth in a mess of reality? Forget it. Thanks for the comments Nate, appreciate your words.

  4. Annie

    “No one hurts a young girl in my country and gets away with it.”

    Is one of the single most cheesiest things you have ever said. I’m sad to see that you have veered off of from your original stance.

    As far as I see it, what he did was horrible, it was settled, and now he is being toted as a scapegoat for all sex offenders for the sole reason that he is a celebrity.

    I don’t think any situation is black and white, and it appears that most people take the stance that he must be punished for what he did without any sort of background information or context. I mean, if we are truly thinking about the female victim here, do people really think that she enjoys being hounded by the media so many years after the event? According to her “True as they may be, the continued publication of those details causes harm to me, my beloved husband, my three children and my mother.”

    Our justice system is easily corruptible, a fact that is not only terrifying but all too commonly denied.

  5. Nate

    Aren’t you also veering off your original stance? This case was never settled, Roman giving money to the victim is not *paying* for what he admittedly did. Yes, of course after all these years the thought of the media bringing this back up and once again hounding the victim down for questions about something she’s moved on, has to be tough on her and her family. I’m sure no one denies that, but I’m also sure that just because is been 30yrs and she’s married now and with kids, it does not mean her 13yr old self moved on. That little girl was given liquor, drugged and raped as she protested for him to stop and he ran; he got away and has never faced up to this vile crime. If it had been you or your daughter if you have one (God forbid, as I do not wish this upon anyone) you’ll probably be singing a different tune.

    By defending him, you and every celebrity, government, big shot in hollywood that’s rallying for him, are simply saying that rape is ok and encouraging pedophiles everywhere. Or maybe you think is ok if you are famous, just as Michael Jackson and R.Kelly can get away with molesting children.

    It doesn’t matter how many years have gone by and how much you’ve change and whatever accomplishments you have accumulated, you must pay for your crimes, specially if you ran away from them like a coward. That simply shows he’s never really been remorseful about it.

    My apologies Sir for using your blog to argue with other people commenting, but I just had to say something.

  6. Annie

    “By defending him, you and every celebrity, government, big shot in hollywood that’s rallying for him, are simply saying that rape is ok and encouraging pedophiles everywhere.”

    I wonder how much more comforting the world must be when you see it in such distinct, good vs evil terms.

    I am not excusing his initial actions, but think that the whole mob mentality of making him pay is both horribly exaggerated and extremely narrow minded.

    If not the victim, who exactly is this whole ordeal benefiting? Will we all feel a little safer when this man who had already entered a plea bargain is brought to justice? If only the police displayed this level of diligence in the cases that did not involve a celebrity that they could attach their name to.

    How mind boggling it must be for people that the victim wishes to drop all charges instead of spending her whole life seeking revenge.

    “He did something really gross to me, but it was the media that ruined my life.”

    • Charlie

      @ Annie
      This is why I’m never posting anything else about any kind of real life controversy. I prefer to stick to fictional arguments, like whose a better Dumbledore (totally Michael Gambon!) That said, Can’t we all just get along?

      The whole “if it was you” stuff is my least favorite argument in the world. Just creeps me out. That said, Can’t we all just get along?

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