Disney bought Marvel and already the world is collapsing

Yesterday, the Disney Corporation bought Marvel Comics for $4 Billion.

All that time I was wondering what to think of this deal. It could be awful. It could be the downfall of comics and comic movies. It could be great. I’m not discounting that. Disney owns Pixar, and you love Pixar. Don’t deny it.

So Disney might not muck up the whole Marvel empire, but you know what will? Every other studio currently making Marvel titles.

FOX studios, for example, has now reported that they are actively working on a new Fantastic Four movie. Ummmm. What?

That’s right. Under the Disney/Marvel agreement, any other studio with rights to Marvel properties, like Sony with Spiderman and FOX with Fantastic Four, can keep making those movies, as long as they don’t stop.

So FOX has decided there’s a little blood left in the Fantastic Four turnip, and they’re aiming to squeeze that fucker to death. And here’s the kicker, from the A.V. Club:

“Fox now plans to start over under the guidance of writer/producer Akiva Goldsman—because if there’s one guy who knows how to get superheroes right, it’s the screenwriter of Batman and Robin

Oh God no.  I am literally speechless. As if FF wasn’t already the worst series in Marvel’s movie canon, the guy who almost single handedly brought down Batman is going to run the show?

The only silver lining here is that one movie should be more than enough to kill off the FF franchise but good. Have at it, Goldsman. Do your worst. I will go on ignoring Fantastic Four movies as I have done before. Just don’t tell Hitler, I have a feeling he won’t like this whole deal one bit.



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One response to “Disney bought Marvel and already the world is collapsing

  1. Nate

    As someone who lives in Orlando and know the evil of the Mouse House first hand, I don’t like this at all. 2012 is really going to happen now.

    I love those Hitler videos, I was just talking about them yesterday on my blog.

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