Lazy Summer

Anyone who reads this blog, if in fact anyone does, may have noticed a lack of posts lately. Whats the deal? It’s not like I’m busy at work or something. In fact, I haven’t been doing anything lately. But what gives?

OK, here’s the deal. Portland, my current residence, has been going though a monstrous heat wave for over a week now. It’s cooled down a bit as of late, but last week was utter hell. We had several 100 plus degree days, mixed in with 70% humidity, and the fact that my house is a brick oven on an open hill. No shade, no AC, one fan that ain’t doing shit. It’s been awful. And basically, we’ve been living in our basement, sleeping in wet t shirts and fighting like mad over how best to stay cool.

I hate summer. Hate it. Despise it. Detest it. If summer were a tangible entity, I’d put a hit on it. I’d stalk it and snuff it out like a candle. Give me the snow, the cold, the rain, PLEASE give it to me. I can take it. I can bundle up, put a coat on, take a nap. The heat is like an intruder, I can’t shake it off. I can’t get any relief. I’ve been showering four times a day. I’ve been going to the river just to sit downstream from some drunken frat boys who are probably pissing their Calvin Klein board shorts in the same water that flows around me. But you know what? When you get out of that shower, that river, that movie theater, that air conditioned car-it’s STILL a hundred and five out. And I’m still miserable.

So forget it, it’s cool. I’ll deal. Been seeing some movies, been watching some shows. Here’s a quick rundown.

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

OK-here’s some Spoilers for you. So Annie’s 12 year old brother is also visiting us, and we went to the Harry Potter movie. I’ve seen all of them so far, and this was by far the most boring of the lot. Two and a half hours of AC bliss, but no plot advancement, no action, no real reason why this chapter in the Potter story exists. What do we learn about the situation here? Voldemort has hidden pieces of his soul in objects. Harry and Dumbeldore need to find them. The one they do find is a fake. Dumbeldore gets killed by Snape. Snape is the Half Blood Prince. So? So what? The whole Half Blood Prince thing accomplishes ZERO save that it allows Harry to do really good in Potions. Snape is a bad guy. Duhhhh. Voldemort isn’t even in this movie. Dumbeldore allows himself to die, when he could’ve fought back. What was the point of it all? Besides two and a half hours of cheap AC that is. Didn’t like it. Don’t care. Kids these days.


This one was worth it. Moon is a sci film directed by Duncan Jones, David Bowie’s son, and starring Sam Rockwell, as a character named Sam. It lways bugs me when the actor has the same name as the character. Coincidence? Kinda weird. Kevin Spacey voices a robot helping Sam on the Moon as the only person manning a mining expedition. His contract is almost up, but somethings not quite right. This movie was marketed as a thriller, a mytery, a trippy WTF kinda plot. But it’s not. What it is is deeply engaging, a little disturbing and a great film. Rockwell is the man, he’s great. And he better be. He’s basically the only person in the fucking thing. Go see Moon. Just don’t expect what you’re expecting.

The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr.

I netflixed this classic 90’s TV western recently. Watched it a bunch as kid, I can remember the family gathering around for it. And it didn’t dissappoint. Bruce Campbell is Brisco County Jr, a bounty hunter out to avenge his father’s murder and capture the John Bly gang. The show is awesome. Great characters, funny and action packed. It has that early 90’s look a la Twin Peaks. The plots are interesting, Campbell is perfect in the role. Hell, he’s always perfect. I can’t wait for disc two. If you’ve never seen it, or heard of it (it only ran briefly) check it out.

Alright, it’s already getting too hot in here. My head is killing me, and I gotta go.  Fuck this heat. Portland, I’m getting pissed at you. Don’t let me down.



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3 responses to “Lazy Summer

  1. Hey. Good to see you back and hating things. Kind of reminds me of a Zach Braff evil twin… Or maybe a bit of the Jerry Seinfeld (the comedian, not the show) sense of astonishment!

  2. Nate

    Moon was absolutely awesome! in my top 5 of movies of the year.
    About HP6, if people feel the way you do I blame it on the director because so much happens in the book that advances the story along that he just cut from the movie or changed in a way that didn’t fully make sense. I still liked the movie though. What’s funny is that our theater got hit by lightning so the AC wasn’t working, you would have died, haha.

    Speaking of heat, that’s exactly how I feel!! I hate summer, no words can describe how much I hate it, which is why I’m moving out of FL to NY, I much rather deal with 3 months of summer and then lovely cold/beautiful snow than 12 months of never ending heat. I tell my friends that if I was rich, I would have a summer house in Iceland or Siberia or Antarctica so I could say: “oh well kids I’m off to see the penguins. See you in the fall.”

  3. i hate hot. i hate humidity.
    we have both of that here.
    at least it gives you something more to write about and me something more to complain about.

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