The King Is Dead.

Michael Jackson died yesterday while I was driving from California to Portland, OR. As I was not in front of a computer all day I was the last person to know about it. Probably. At least in this country.

Just watch the first minute or so of each video. MSNBC is the best. “Michael Jackson has died. 50 years old. From Gary, Indiana.”

From Gary Indiana? That’s what you are saying about Michael Jackson when you hear he’s died. Who the fuck cares if he’s from Gary, Ind? No offense Garians, but Jackson hasn’t lived there for forty years.

Tell us he’s the king of pop. Tell us, like your NBC counterparts, that he’ll always be remembered for the kiddie stuff. From Gary Indiana. Good work. Proved that you did the necessary research. Hey even I can tell you he was born on Aug 19th (my brother’s birthday coincidentally). Now I’ve done MY homework.

So what happens now? Who’s taking care of Jackson’s $500 Million dollar debt? Who’s taking care of his three children: Prince Michael I, Paris Michael and Prince Michael II (That’s their real names)? Who’s going to do the best TV Michael Jackson tribute?


“ABC will air a special edition of 20/20, entitled Michael Jackson: The Man and His Music, Friday

VH1 will air a special covering Jackson’s entire biography Friday

MTV will play Jackson’s music videos intercut with breaking news, celebrity tributes, fans’ tweets, and vintage Jacko footage from the network’s archives on Friday

CBS will air CBS News: The Life and Death of Michael Jackson Friday

NBC will air Michael Jackson — The King of Pop, a one-hour look at Jackson’s legacy Friday

The BIO Channel will air Bio Remembers: Michael Jackson Saturday

TV Land will air the five-hour 1992 mini-series The Jacksons: An American Dream Sunday

Fox will re-air the Michael Jackson-themed American Idol performance show from the recent season Monday

I love how everyone, even the BIO channel, is remembering Jacko, but FOX is just gonna re air a Jacko themed American Idol. “Fuck you Michael Jackson. The best we’ll give you is a bunch of hacks butchering your songs before they got kicked off the show.” That’s cold, FOX network.

On a personal level, Michael Jackson really was one of the first musical artists I liked as a kid. Right up until Dangerous I was busting the moves and playing my dad’s old Off the Wall and Thriller LPs. That’s right. My dad had two, TWO Michael Jackson records.

Michael Jackson will always be remembered more for the sordid and eccentric aspects of his personal life, but for me, I’ll always remember Jackson as the guy who made some of the coolest music for a time in my life.

From Moonwalker

Long Live the King.



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