The Worst Obama Speech Ever?

Usually, the little things that keep me going are happy, fun little bits of life that I can personally cling to for hope and respite.

But today, the thing that keeps me going is strangely awkward and fails quite magnificently.

As an A/V technician, the opening of this video is a nightmare for me. We’re talking about worst case/ bail out/ run for the hills scenario. I know it’s just an Easter egg thing, but the mics! Turn on the fucking mics! So glad that wasn’t me. If you’ve ever been in charge of making sure an important person is heard, and they’re not heard? You know what I’m talking about.
And then you have Obama, a wonderfully talented speaker if nothing else, stammer and “ummm” his way through what should be a breeze, a piece of cake, a slam dunk introduction.

Does anyone really think that his… and his wife’s… and the whole family’s… hearts are filled with “a whole lot of joy?”
Wait, did he just say “Fergie” and “National Anthem” in the same sentence? Yes. Yes he did. Skip ahead about 30 seconds, and prepare to feel fuckin’ patriotic.

Sing it girl!

And I love, just love, Michelle Obama. “We don’t have tennis. It’s on the tennis court.”

AKA  “Shut the FUCK up, kid.” What a happy family.

In all honesty though? It could have been worse.


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